Glass Bead & Jewellery Making Workshop – 3hrs + 2hrs



Come and play with hot glass, to craft and make your own beads and turn them into beautiful pieces of jewellery




PLEASE NOTE: These 2 workshops have to be attended on different days to allow glass beads made to anneal in the kiln overnight.

First you will attend the Glass Bead workshop and you will be shown:

  • Types of equipment & tools used in making glass beads
  • How to make basic lamp work beads
  • Different techniques to decorate and style your beads
  • Expect to make 5-8 different beads

Beads will then be annealed in the kiln overnight.

You will then return to the workshop on another day (either the following day or a day in the future) you will get to use your beads to create some beautiful pieces of jewellery. You will be shown:

  • Types of equipment & tools used in making basic Jewellery
  • How to make items of jewellery using glass beads
  • Expect to make a pair of drop earrings, a pendant with Chain and a cord or leather bracelet

Workshop includes all required materials in sterling silver (925).

Additional beads and materials will be available to purchase on the day if you would like to make more items.

For the Glass bead workshop, we can have a maximum of 2 people at any one time. If you would like to run a workshop for a larger group of people, please get in touch and we will see what we can do to accommodate.


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